Dental Savings Plan

Savings will range from 10-50% off!

What is our Dental Savings Plan?

We created our InĀ House Savings Plan with your needs in mind. The plan is designed for our patients without dental insurance to receive exceptional preventative and restorative treatment at substantially discounted rates.

Savings will range from 10-50% off! There are no waiting periods, no copays for office visits and no long-term commitments. Insurance and our savings plan cannot be combined.

What Savings do we offer our Plan Members?

  • Our In House Savings plan is $200 per person for 1 year

Included Benefits

  • (2) Prophylaxis (cleaning) within the 12 months
  • (2) Sets of X-rays within the 12 months
  • (2) Exams within the 12 months
  • 25% Off all Restorative and Major Dental Work
  • 50% Off Fluoride & Sealants
  • 50% Off Emergency Exams
  • $550 Off Invisalign (full case)

Dental Savings plan cannot be combined with Dental Insurance.

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