3D Cone Beam Imaging in Mesa, AZ

Arizona Dental Heights is always using the latest technology to help serve you better. We now use 3D Cone Beam Imaging which allows us to see clear, detailed, three dimensional images of your teeth, and the bones and soft tissues that surround them.

3D Cone Beam Imaging is an x-ray scanning equipment that gives us a complete 3D image of your mouth and head. This scan is a painless, quick process that takes a total of 10 seconds and requires no preliminary preparation. All you have to do is sit in a chair as the machine makes a complete revolution around your head!

The scan that we receive is far better than the normal 2D x-ray that is typically done at the dentist. The 3D scan gives us a total view of everything and can be viewed as 2D scans, 3D imaging, image sequences or as a panoramic view of your teeth.  3D beam imaging allows us to better diagnose the condition of your smile and to create a more effective treatment plan for you.


3D Cone Beam imaging

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