Implant Q&A


Implant services offered in Mesa AZ

Dental implants can give you strong new teeth to replace those you’ve lost. At Arizona Dental Heights, fellowship-trained implant dentist Alok Ahlawat, DMD, offers both implant dentures and dental implants using the newest technology at their Mesa, Arizona, office. To learn more about dental implants, click the scheduling link to book an appointment online or call the office today.

Implant Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants work as replacement tooth roots after you lose a natural tooth. The main part of a dental implant, a titanium post, integrates with your jaw to hold your tooth restoration in position above your gums. 

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that don’t need to be removed. They look exactly like natural teeth. 

How do I get dental implants?

The dental implant process begins with imaging tests, using the 3D cone beam X-ray machine at Arizona Dental Heights. You'll also have digital mouth impressions. These impressions allow your specialists to design a well-fitted implant post and tooth replacement. 

After your highly trained dentist places your dental implant post in your jaw, you'll have a healing period of at least a few months. 

During that time, your implant post integrates with your bone (osseointegration), providing a secure foundation for tooth restoration. 

After healing, your dentist attaches an implant restoration (a new tooth) to your implant post. If you don't have enough jawbone density, you may need a bone graft prior to implant post placement. 

How do dental implants compare with dentures?

Dentures and dental implants replace teeth, but they do so in different ways. 


You remove dentures every night for cleaning and maintenance, while dental implants always stay in your mouth. Because of this, most people feel that dental implants are the more convenient option.


With removable dentures, it's normal to experience changes in fit over time. That happens because the jawbone shrinks when there aren't any tooth roots to stimulate its continual renewal. 

With dental implants, the post takes on the role of the tooth roots, which prevents your jaw from shrinking. Ultimately, this means you can avoid the shifting you could experience with dentures. 


Both dentures and dental implants are comfortable. But, in general, dental implants offer a more comfortable fit. Dentures rely upon your gums for suction, so your gums may become irritated from continually rubbing against the dentures.

Arizona Dental Heights offers All-on-4, which gives you aspects of both dentures and dental implants. The All-on-4® system features four dental implants in each tooth arch. Those implants retain a full arch of dentures, giving you the great stability of full-mouth implants with a fraction of the implants.

Arizona Dental Heights dentist Dr. Ahlawat completed his fellowship implant training at the prestigious Misch Resnik Implant Institute, which means he’s uniquely qualified in dental implants, All-on-4, and implant restoration. 

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