Meet Mrs. Wendy Velazquez


Mrs. Wendy Velazquez

Dental Hygienist

As the experienced registered dental hygienist at Arizona Dental Heights, Wendy Velazquez, RDH, takes great pride in helping Mesa, Arizona, residents achieve optimal oral health. Wendy provides teeth cleanings, X-rays, and other important preventive care for all patients. 

Wendy also provides cleanings as a preparatory step before wisdom teeth extraction, root canals, or other oral surgery. Because a clean mouth is the best starting place for any dental procedure, she administers dental cleanings before porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, Invisalign® treatment, and other restorative or cosmetic procedures. 

Wendy earned the Golden Sickle award in dental hygiene school, an honor awarded to dental hygienists for excellence in periodontal disease treatment and patient education. She is passionate about helping patients achieve the best oral health, and looks forward to seeing new and established patients for teeth cleanings and other important oral health care. 

In her spare time, Wendy enjoys relaxing with her large family, including her dog, Oreo. 

Mrs. Velazquez looks forward to seeing new and established patients at Arizona Dental Heights.