Teeth Whitening in Mesa, AZ

teeth whitening

A Brighter Smile for You

It’ s common for teeth to discolor over time and fade from bright white to yellow. Though, due to lifestyle choices including what we eat and drink, some people experience more staining than others.

Teeth whitening removes those stains and brings out the brightest white possible while keeping your teeth healthy. Here at Arizona Dental Heights, our professional teeth whitening treatments are designed to provide your smile with lasting pearly whites.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a much better option for you than store-bought brands because the treatment isn’t as harsh and won’t be sensitive to your teeth. Other benefits of receiving a teeth whitening treatment from our Mesa dental office are:

  • Longer-lasting results
  • Better for your tooth enamel
  • Faster, more noticeable changes
  • Customized for your smile
  • Safer, more comfortable treatment

We may also be able to provide you with at-home whitening treatment so you can keep up with your smile for months after. This eliminates the need to visit us and helps you maintain a brighter smile for a longer period of time.

teeth whitening

Coming in for a Teeth Whitening Treatment

At AZ, Dental Heights we use precision lasers to whiten teeth. This method of treatment is non-invasive and provides exceptional results safely and efficiently.

During your appointment, Dr. Hatch will apply a gel onto the surface of your teeth. Then he will use a laser to activate the gel so it provides your teeth with a whiter new appearance.

For complex cases, we can also help brighten your smile with dental veneers. We can help determine if this is a better treatment for you during your initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after teeth whitening can I eat normally?

After your whitening treatment at our Mesa office, you can resume to a normal healthy diet within 24-72 hours. We recommend you avoid foods that are likely to stain or irritate sensitive teeth for at least the first day. This will ensure your results last much longer.

How many teeth whitening sessions do I need?

The number of sessions you need depends on the method used and what your desired results are. Most of our patients see significant results within two weeks after their first appointment, however, some may want to continue to come back more frequently to achieve greater results.

If you want to have multiple whitening treatments at our office, Dr. Hatch can discuss appropriate return appointments with you during your first session.

Does whitening ruin teeth?

No, teeth whitening will not damage or harm your tooth enamel when provided by our dental office. Enamel is considered the hardest tissue in the human body and it remains strong throughout your entire life.

However, whitening products bought from the store can cause temporary tooth sensitivity, especially if they’re used frequently. That’s why our dental whitening treatments are more comfortable and safer for your teeth.

How long will my teeth be white?

With our whitening treatment, your results can last up to months if you follow good oral hygiene and limit the number of staining foods and drinks you consume. Some foods or drinks you should avoid in order to maintain a brighter smile include coffee, red wine, tea, berries, tomato sauce, soda, and soy sauce.

Getting Started at AZ Dental Heights

Teeth whitening treatment can help you achieve a brighter, beautiful smile in one easy dental visit. If you’re interested in our whitening procedure, give our Mesa office a call at (480) 525-6000 to get an appointment scheduled. We can’t wait to get to know your smile!

We look forward to meeting you.